What is Forgotten Radio?

Forgotten Radio plays the radio hits that you'd have to be extremely lucky to hear on modern broadcast radio. These are the songs that today's "broadcast music research" says is only listened to by an aged out demographic. You could listen to some of these favorite songs through on-demand type streaming but the alogrithms on those sites will try to suggest current songs into your mix or only play the few that you specially ask for. We've got nearly 3000 of the hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s in regular rotation in a linear broadcast format that emulates and locks in the format of classic hits stations of the turn of the century such as KOOL in Pheonix and Dial Global's Kool Gold that graced stations across the country before they updated their formats to newer music. If you like what you hear, keep listening and share us with your friends.

Can I make requests?

It's in the works.

Are there any DJs?

This is run out of my house in my spare time so during the week it's a jukebox format with no DJs. Saturday nights from 5pm to 10pm US Central Time you may hear a hosted show as time allows.
  • https://audio.forgottenradio.com:8443/;listen.ps?sid=1